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For People Who Really Love Pizza!

New York Style Pizza


Round Thin

Medium 14' Cheese$13.99

Medium 16' Cheese$15.99

Extra Large 18' Cheese$17.99

Additional Toppings

Regular Toppings M $2.25 ea L $2.50 ea XL $2.75 ea

Premium Toppings M $3.00 ea L $3.25 ea XL $3.50 ea


Round Thin

Medium 14' Cheese$17.99

Medium 16' Cheese$19.99

Extra Large 18' Cheese$21.99

Additional Toppings

Sicilian Regular Toppings M $2.75 ea L $3.00 ea


Square & Thick

Sicilian Medium$19.99

Sicilian Large$23.99

Additional Toppings

Sicilian Premium Toppings M $3.50 ea L $3.75 ea

White Sicilian

Square & Thick

White Sicilian Medium$22.99

Whole milk ricotta, garlic butter and mozzarella

White Sicilian Large$25.99

Whole milk ricotta, garlic butter and mozzarella

(Pizza by the slice are from a 22" pizza)

Pizza By The Slice

Only Served Until 4pm

Neapolitan, Thin Round Slice $2.99

White Thin Round Slice $3.25

Sicilian Big Thick Square Slice $3.75

Slice Toppings .60 ea Premium Slice Toppings .70 ea

Fresh Mozzarella or Chicken $1.99

Regular Pizza Toppings $.60 ea.

Extra cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushrooms,

Olives, Anchovies, Garlic, Spinach, Tomatoes, Broccoli,

Peppers, Onions, Jalapenos, Pineapples, Green Olives

Premium Pizza Toppings $.70 ea.

Boar's Head Ham, Salami, Ricotta Cheese, Bacon,

Meatballs, Sliced Tomatoes, Fresh Basil,

Eggplant, Sautéed Peppers or Onions

Specialty Pizza

CASANOVA M 24.99 Lrg 26.99 Xlrg 28.99

The Casanova, Mike & Tony's favorite: It's 1/2 white with spinach and sausage, other half pepperoni, sausage, meatballs and ham

HAWAIIAN M 18.99 L 20.99 XL 22.99

Boar's Head ham and pineapple

CAPRESE M 21.99 L 23.99 XL 25.99

Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and sliced tomatoes

NY Special M 21.99 L 23.99 XL 25.99

Boar's Head ham, pepperoni, sausage and meatball

BBQ Chicken M 22.99 L 24.99 XL 26.99

BBQ Sauce, BBQ chicken and mozzarella

Godfather M 23.99 L 25.99 XL 27.99

Eggplant, sautéed peppers, sautéed onions and ricotta

Margherita M 20.99 L 22.99 XL 24.99

Olive oil or pizza sauce for a base, fresh basil, garlic and tomatoes

Deluxe M 22.99 L 24.99 XL 26.99

Sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, onions and black olives.

The Brady Med 25.99 L 27.99 XL 29.99

Radio personality Brady Bogen's favorite! It has BBQ sauce with BBQ chicken, Boar's Head ham, pineapple and bacon. Yummy!

Veggie Pizza Med 21.99 L 23.99 XL 25.99

Mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, black olives and your choice of spinach or broccoli


Add Chicken or Fresh Mozzarella to any pizza

Prices are subject to change without notice